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Neolithic Technology

Neolithic axe heads have been found throughout the county. Most were made from local flint, but others were of stone which often originated from other parts of Britain. A hoard at Chelmsford contained a greenstone axe, 3 flint axes, 2 flint axe "preforms" and a knife, while one at Canewdon contained 2 flint axes and a polished flint chisel.

The earliest pottery from Britain dates from the early Neolithic. Remains of this pottery have been found at Clacton, Shoebury, Little Waltham, and many other places. At Layer de la Haye a complete bowl placed in a shallow pit has been suggested to have some ritual or votive significance.From the middle Neolithic through the early Bronze Age a wide variety of decorated pottery, including styles known as Peterborough ware, Grooved ware and Beaker pottery were developed.