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Neolithic Essex
  Death and Burial in the Neolithic
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Death and Burial in the Neolithic

Evidence for burial in the Neolithic period indicates a range of rituals taking place. At Rainham and Brightlingsea ring ditches, more commonly found in the early and middle Bronze Age, produced Neolithic pottery, and both these sites contained a central burial.

Flat graves have been found at many places in Essex including Orsett Cock, Mucking and Thorpe Hall, Southchurch. All contained beaker pottery, while that at Mucking also contained eleven barbed and tanged arrowheads and that at Thorpe Hall contained a flint dagger and a heap of cockleshells.

Cremation burials with collared urns have been found at Alphamstone and similar burials have recently been excavated at St. Osyth. At Rochford a single burial was accompanied by gold, amber and shale beads.