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  Bronze Age Farms and Forts
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Bronze Age Farms and Forts

There is a variety of very good settlement evidence from late Bronze Age Essex. A number of circular ditched enclosures have been identified from aerial photographs and some have been excavated. These have shown that while the monuments share a similarity of form, substantial ditches and a similar range of artefacts, a huge variation was possible in the internal arrangements.

Other forms of enclosed site include a double ditched rectangular enclosure at Lofts Farm and a D-shaped example from Broomfield, while there are unenclosed sites for example at North Shoebury. At some sites there was considerable activity, shown by the distribution of finds, outside the enclosure, while analysis of find distributions from Springfield Lyons and Lofts Farm has shown the spatial separation of activities within the enclosure.

The structures within the settlements were generally post built, with the most common form being the roundhouse, though the range includes 2 and 4 post structures, large rectangular buildings and smaller rectangular structures which may have been shrines.