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Welcome to the Unlocking Essex's Past web site. You can see from our home page that we have put together some very interesting web pages to help you find out more about Essex's heritage. We have some wonderful monuments in Essex and using this web site should enable you to discover more information about them, and view a wide collection of media ranging from photos to 3D virtual models.

For help with how to navigate this web site, then check out our general help page, this will give you a better idea of how to find your way around.

There are several very advanced search tools to enable you to find details of monuments and evidence. Each one of them is outlined below;

Download UEP help in pdf format

Search Tools

The most powerful feature of the web site is the search tools that are available. By clicking on the search button in the top navigator
you will be given 5 different search tools to choose from.

  • Monument Search
    The monument search is very powerful, it gives you a whole host of options for searching for details of monuments that you may be interested
    in. You can search for monuments based on their name, type of monument, period, area, or the site status.
  • Evidence Search
    If you are looking for a particular type of evidence or type of find, then you will want to use the Evidence Search.You can either enter a type of evidence that you are interested in, or browse the types that are availablefrom the list that we have available.You can also choose the area which you are interested in.
  • Media Search
    A whole range of exciting media has been sourced relating to monuments in the seax database . By using the Media Search you can discover virtual models, digital video, and photos of some of the better known Essex monuments.
  • Map Search
    Using this search, you can type in an Easting and Northing for a particular area, and the search will reveal if there are any monuments in the area.
  • Freetext Search
    if you really cant find what you are looking for using one of the searches described above, then you could always try the Freetext Search. With this search all you have to do is enter a word or words relating to the monument that you are trying to find, and the site will go and try to best match up the words that you have entered.

We also have some superb ready made searches, where we have brought together some of the most popular categories that we think may interest you.

Featured Monument

We have a selection of featured monuments that we are highlighting on our site, so each time that you visit our web site, you should see a different one.

Latest News

If there is are any new features on our site, or we need to bring something to your attention, the latest news section will list everything.

Are you still not sure what this page is all about ? Why not email us with your question, or you could always call us on 0845 743 0430.