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Help -> Freetext Search

Our Freetext search is very powerful, we have a vast search index that is built up by the system out of all the elements that make up a monument. This means that you should be able to find what you are looking for using this search, but the only drawback is that sometimes so many records are returned that it makes the results difficult to analyse. What we would actually recommend is that you use one of the other search mechanisms first, as this should enable you to filter down what you are looking for with more accuracy.

See below for the options that are available for you on this screen;

Download UEP help in pdf format

Enter your Keywords

Enter one or more keywords, separated by commas or spaces, in the text box and click "Search" to run the search. This will return a list of monument records which include ALL your keywords. If you want to search for records including a certain phrase, enclose it in quotation marks (" "). Note this means that if you want records pertaining to Black Notley you must use the quotation marks, or the search engine will return everything containing the word “black” and everything containing the word “notley”, and similarly for “Wakes Colne” or “Abbess Roding”.

Avoid using the words "AND", "OR” and "NOT" as these will interfere with the search engine; and avoid very common words like “THE", "OF" and "AT" as these will cause problems.

Are you still not sure what this page is all about ? Why not email us with your question, or you could always call us on 01245 492211.