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  SMR Number   Monument Name   Summary    
  279   M11 topsoil stripping   Bronze Age hoard including 3 socketed axes and fragments from others, also gouges and small pieces of swords.  
  1364   Vicinity of Felstead north side   Found in 1854.  
  1656   Grays Thurrock - only 4 fig grid ref   Bronze age founder's hoard discovered in a cavity in the chalk at Grays in 1906.  
  1910   Mersea Flats, East Mersea   A Late Bronze Age sword was found on the foreshore.  
  3435   South of Fishers Green   Sword found during gravel extraction at Fisher's Green Farm.  
  3445   Waltham Marsh   Leaf-shaped sword found during gravel extraction on Waltham Marsh.  
  3895   Arkesden-Highfield   A bronze age founder's hoard found at Highfield, Arkesden in 1872, during land drainage.  
  3912   West of Lofts Hall   A late bronze age founder's hoard found in 1847.  
  4512   East of Matching Hall   Bronze sword found in July 1978 caught up in a cultivator.  
  4729   Castle Hill   Ancient sword blade, found on the Castle Hills, Stansted in 1886.  
  4939   Great Chesterford Anglo-Saxon cemetery   Anglo Saxon mixed cemetery of 161 inhumation graves, 33 cremation graves, 2 horse and 2 dog burials.  
  5141   Mar Dyke -north of North Stifford   Bronze Age implements found in the Mar Dyke.  
  5162   Orsett-Causewayed Enclosure   Within the southern half of the inner circuit of the neolithic causewayed enclosure 4, possibly 5 ring ditches were recognised as cropmarks.  
  5546   Broomfield burial   Saxon burial, found in 1888, in gravel pit behind Clobb's Row.  
  5788   Springfield Lyons   Circular cropmark enclosure, excavated in 1981 when at least 4 causeways were revealed.  
  6179   Boreham-Plantation Road 72   Late bronze age hoard found in 1984 while the ground surface was being lowered for a patio in the rear garden at this address.  
  6804   Red Barn Field   Skeleton, with broken iron sword on breast, found here in 1800.  
  7319   Aveley - Sandy Lane, Hall's Pit   Multi-period site, see 5070-73.  
  7897   Lofts Farm - LFF   Part of a major cropmark complex destroyed in a ten year programme of gravel extraction.  
  8238   Anglo-Saxon cemetery east of Easterford Mill, Kelvedon   Saxon cemetery.  
  8363   Kelvedon Iron Age Warrior   Grave goods from an Iron Age warrior burial.  
  8396   Little Braxted: possible site of Saxon cemetery   Parts of sword blades - possibly Saxon.  
  8833   24 Hill Road, Coggeshall   Sword found in garden of 24 Hill Road, Coggeshall.  
  9127   Vicinity of Harlow - Gilden Way Fieldwalking Survey   Metal detector finds of a socketed axe and part of a sword blade, possibly from a dispersed hoard.  
  11123   Great Wakering Brickfields   Bronze Age hoard found in C19  
  11669   Lexden   Description of finds from an exhibition catalogue; smoother (potters tool), fishscale ware, Colchester fabric of c.100AD from a potters waste pit, bronze sword and shield boss dated c.100AD rescued from a housing estate; lamp dated 100-200  
  11677   Sheepen Hill   Excavation 1970.  
  11711   Lexden Tumulus Iron Age Barrow and associated cemetery area   Tumulus excavated in 1924 by Laver and which produced a rich Belgic burial with the remains of the metalwork of a funerary vehicle, bronzes, gold and silver objects and a coin with the head of Auguustus mounted as a medallion..  
  14397   Post Office, High Street, Maldon   Finds included pottery, metal objects and wood.  
  17803   Gilden Way, Old Harlow   Late Bronze age tip of socketed axe and sword blade fragment  
  17886   Early Saxon finds from Little Chesterford - NGR is for centre of parish   A group of Early Saxon finds reported by a metal detectorist.  
  18109   Cornmill Stream refurbishment works; Site Code WA7   A Watching Brief on refurbishment works along the course of the Cornmill Stream revealed Medieval Mill Structures  
  47294   The Running Well   Various finds have been found here over the years.