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Monument Name Park School, Rawreth Lane, Rayleigh
SMR Number 45134
Summary The remains of an early Saxon cemetery, prehistoric and medieval features.
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Description Twenty-four trenches were opened. The main concentration of features was found in the southeast of the site in three trenches. They consisted of the bases of a number of truncated early Saxon cremations, along with a single possible inhumation. Amongst the features was a series of pits, gullies and ditches, a number of which also contained material of Saxon date. A single ditch produced prehistoric pottery. The Saxon finds from the inhumation included evidence of a high status female burial.<1> An area in the south-east of the development area was opened for excavation in 2004. In total 144 cremation burials, 1 possible inhumation and 23 cemetery-related features were excavated; most of which had been severely truncated during the construction of the school playing fields. Pottery, metalwork and glass beads recovered from the burials indicated that the cemetery was in use from approximately 525 to 600AD. Underlying the Saxon cemetery was a scatter of prehistoric pits and postholes dating from Early to Middle Iron Age. Two 3rd-4th century Roman features were also identified. Post-dating the Saxon cemetery were three small pits and gully dating to the medieval period.<2> A second phase of evaluation consisting of a further 12 trenches was undertaken in September 2004 in the south west corner of the playing fields in an area not previously subject to archaeological investigation. Two cremation burials were recovered believed to be outliers to the main concentration of Anglo-Saxon burials. <3>
Monument Type(s) CEMETERY (Dated 410AD to 1065AD)
DITCH (Dated 500000BC to 42AD)
Monument Class(es) FIND
Period 410AD to 1065AD multi period
Status Not Known
National Grid Reference Square: TQ79SE
Ref: 797924
Finds AMBER BEAD (Dated 410AD To 1065AD)

JET BEAD (Dated 410AD To 1065AD)

BONE CREMATION (Dated 410AD To 1065AD)

IRON KNIFE (Dated 410AD To 1065AD)



COPPER RING (Dated 410AD To 1065AD)

POTTERY VESSEL (Dated 500000BC To 42AD)

POTTERY VESSEL (Dated 410AD To 1065AD)

Events Evaluation at the former Park School, Rawreth Lane, Raleigh by M.Roy

Former Park School, Rawreth Lane

Former Park School, Rawreth Lane

Sources <1> Excavation report : Former Park School, Rawreth Lane, Raleigh, Essex. Archaeological evaluation by trial trenching (Field Archaeology Unit) Dated : 2003

<2> Excavation report : Former Park School, Rawreth Lane, Rayleigh, Essex. FAU Report 1361 (Ennis, T) Dated : 2005

<3> Excavation report : An early saxon cemetery at Rayleigh, Essex (Ennis, T) Dated : 2008

<4> Excavation report : Additional Archaeological Evaluation: Former Park School, Rawreth Lane, Rayleigh, Essex. FAU report 1412 (Ennis, T) Dated : 2004