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Monument Name West of Lofts Hall
SMR Number 3912
Summary A late bronze age founder's hoard found in 1847.
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Description A late bronze age founder's hoard found in 1847. <2> Some 30 implements in the hoard including socketed axes, spears, socketed knives, swords, bucket handle, fused metal. Now distributed to several museums from Chrishall although some objects are labelled Elmdon. <1> Neville speaks of a "large hoard of bronze age celts with metal for fusing them", at least 4 socketed axes, 3 spearheads and an oval bronze ring. Neville's workmen came across the finds by chance in the possession of the local blacksmith, to whom they had originally been brought as old iron, and they were given to Neville. The blacksmith later said they were part of a much bigger hoard, all from the same hole filled with black earth. He had dispersed most of the hoard among various interested people, although many fragments remained to which Neville was welcome. Two items were very fine celts. Amongst the rest "there are four different patterns of these implements, and a perfect arrowhead" and "several lumps of the metal fused together. <2> <8> According to this source site centred at TL 46143896. <3> Another source gives TL 4539. <4> Part of the hoard was illustrated by Neville. <8> The same pieces (from the same plate?) are illustrated in source. <5> These illustrations have been copied and are in the SMR. They show: 3 socketed spearheads, 1 socketed spearhead or knife (is this the arrowhead referred to by Neville?), part of a socketed knife?, 5 socketed axes (4 looped), part of a flanged or winged axe?, a ring (the bucket handle?) and a triangular piece-a dagger or a sword? <6> A Roman coin and ring were apparently also found with the hoard. Possibly the hoard was found in Roman times ? The coin was originally identified as of Domitian, later as of Hadrian. <2> There is some confusion over whether the hoard is from Chrishall or Elmdon. A s some objects are variously labelled it could be that 2 or more sites have been conflated. Some finds are in Colchester Museum. <7> Other refs: <9> - <17>, source 15 is an analysis of bronzes, using optical spectrometry, which included the Chrishall hoard. Site Assessment = Objects variously labelled, 2 or more sites conflated? Querie over NGR
Monument Type(s) PIT (Dated 1000BC to 701BC)
Period 1000BC to 701BC Bronze Age
Status Not Known
National Grid Reference Square: TL43NE
Ref: 461389
Finds BRONZE ARROWHEAD (Dated 1000BC To 701BC)

BRONZE BUCKET (Dated 1000BC To 701BC)

BRONZE DAGGER (Dated 1000BC To 701BC)

BRONZE HOARD (Dated 1000BC To 701BC)

BRONZE KNIFE (Dated 1000BC To 701BC)


BRONZE RING (Dated 1000BC To 701BC)


BRONZE SPEAR (Dated 1000BC To 701BC)

BRONZE SWORD (Dated 1000BC To 701BC)


Events None listed
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