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Monument Name East of Matching Hall
SMR Number 4512
Summary Bronze sword found in July 1978 caught up in a cultivator.
None Available
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Description Bronze sword found in July 1978 caught up in a cultivator. Findspot's NGR indicated by farmer. Finder, Mr Vale, remarked on a rectangular black discolouration of the field surface c25 x 35 yds around the findspot. Sword almost complete, broken in 2 by a modern fracture. Potentially important as a pre-Ewart Park phase type. <1> Site visited by C Couchman. A small stream runs between a spring and the field (a long thin watermeadow). The stream has been dug out by a mechanical digger. The stream bed was walked without result. The field was also walked-there was a sub-circular dark patch of soil c15 paces across with several smaller dark patches further west in the field. The stream bed showed c1m of flood deposits, mid brown clayey soil over darker clay soil 0.3m+ thick, over chalky boulder clay with a gravel seam. nothing to say whether the sword was dredged out of the stream bed, ploughed up from the field itself or out of the lynchet between this field and the (uphill) one to the south which has also been recently ploughed over . <2> Drawing of sword in SMR. <3> Private possession? <4> For post medieval finds see 4513 Site Assessment = Nothing to say where sword found, precisely. <2> Sword almost complete, broken in 2 by a modern fracture
Monument Type(s) FINDSPOT (Dated 1000BC to 701BC)
Monument Class(es) FIND
Period 1000BC to 701BC Bronze Age
Status Not Known
National Grid Reference Square: TL51SW
Ref: 531119
Finds BRONZE SWORD (Dated 1000BC To 701BC)

Events FIELD SURVEY by Couchman, C, 1978

Field visit to 4512 by Couchman, C on JUL-1978

Sources <1> CORRESPONDENCE : Bronze sword from Matching, Essex (Needham, S) Dated : 1978

<2> Desc Text : SMR (Needham, S) Dated : 1978

<3> Graphic material : SMR (unknown) with letter Dated : 1978

<4> Artifact : ARTEFACT Owner? (unknown) Dated : unknown