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Monument Name Broomfield burial
SMR Number 5546
Summary Saxon burial, found in 1888, in gravel pit behind Clobb's Row.
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Description Saxon burial, found in 1888, in gravel pit behind Clobb's Row. <1> Workmen digging gravel found remains of a sword, spear and knife 6-7 feet down. The sword's wooden sheath seemed to have been bound with tape-like material. With the sword were a gold pyramid and buckle plate, both set with garnets. the site was excavated in 1894. The northern part of the grave had been cut away. The grave was curiously formed , dome-shaped and with curious extensions at the corners, and was c.8 feet long. The grave walls were covered with soot or charcoal. At the end of the grave were rows of large flint nodules. Flints and Roman tile fragments were found throughout the fill. A two-handled circular bronze pan was found on the eastern side of the centre of the grave. It lay on a mass of folded woollen fabric of two qualities and some coarse material, apparently flax (including perhaps reddish tufts from a hairy cloak, of which there are quantities in the BM) and supported by logs of birchwood lying E-W, close together. In the pan were the tips of two cow's horns, two blue glass bowls, two lathe-turned wooden cups with gilt bronze rims. Nearby were two wooden buckets with iron mountings, sunk into the earth. A hemispherical iron cup on a tall stem, with four feet, was found in the middle of the south side of the grave; it was full of a hard, compacted mass of sand. In the south-west corner of the grave was an iron cauldron. At the north end was a sword, spearhead, shield boss and sherds of a wheel- thrown pot, ornamented with an impressed lozenge stamp. Between the pan and the west end of the grave a good deal of very dark matter was found, presumably charcoal, fragments of wood, parts of flat iron bars, angle irons and rivets. No sign of a body, the excavators thought it had been placed in a coffin and then burnt. The finds had no signs of fire damage. Possibly it was a southerly example of a half-burnt burial. <1><2> The burial has many similarities to the Taplow, Bucks., burial in its richness and the arrangement of the objects. Both are considered to be 'princely burials'. <3><4><5> Finds in the British Museum. <6> Site Assessment = A potential development site. All applications to date have been rejected. Requires excavation if developed. No immediate threat. <1><7><8>
Monument Type(s) BURIAL (Dated 410AD to 1065AD)
INHUMATION (Dated 410AD to 1065AD)
COFFIN (Dated 410AD to 1065AD)
Period 410AD to 1065AD Early Medieval
Status Not Known
National Grid Reference Square: TL70NW
Ref: 710095
Finds WOOD BUCKET (Dated 600AD To 700AD)

IRON CAULDRON (Dated 600AD To 700AD)

WOOD COFFIN (Dated 600AD To 700AD)


IRON LAMP (Dated 600AD To 700AD)

IRON SHIELD (Dated 600AD To 700AD)

IRON SPEAR (Dated 600AD To 700AD)

IRON SWORD (Dated 600AD To 700AD)


Events PART EXCAV by Read, CH,

Sources <1> Desc Text : SMR form unknown Dated : 1960 0nwards

<2> RECORD SHEET/FORM : OS cards (Ordnance Survey) TL70NW01, 1952 Dated : unknown

<3> Desc Text : A Gazeteer of Early Anglo-Saxon burial sites (Meaney, A) p85 Dated : 1964

<4> Desc Text : VCH Essex (unknown) vol 1, p320-326 Dated : 1903

<5> Excavation report : A Saxon Grave at Broomfield (Read, CH) Vol 15 p 250-255 Dated : 1894

<6> Artifact : ARTEFACT BM (unknown) Acc. Nos. 1894. 12. 16. 1-31 Dated : unknown

<7> Desc Text : Proposed residential development, Campions farm, Chelmsford-PE-CHR-3-72 (Aldred, RV) Dated : 1973

<8> Desc Text : SMR (Buckley, DG) Dated : 1974