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Monument Name Fordham Hall Farm
SMR Number 11951
Summary Excavation following the location of a lead coffin by metal detector revealed two Roman burials.
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Description Excavation following the location of a lead coffin by metal detector revealed two Roman burials. The earlier was a badly crushed inhumation, probably female, c.1.53m in height, and a teenager buried with arms crossed in a lead coffin. There were two bone hairpins by the skull and glass vessels at the feet and skull. The coffin was plain except for bead and reel moulding around the edges of the lid. It was contained within an outer wooden coffin of which only the nails survived. The grave itself had been lined with timber shuttering with traces of two planks lying across the bottom. A second burial, that of a child, a badly decomposed inhumation, had been made at right angles to the foot of the lead coffin. Several sherds from one of the vessels in the other grave were associated with it. There is a pottery and tile scatter from elsewhere in the field. <1> <2> These two burials suggest the likely existence of a fairly prosperous Roman villa with its own cemetery. Pottery sherds and fragments of tiles including hypocaust flue tiles were found as a result of exploratory fieldwork in the same field. <2>
Monument Type(s) VILLA (Dated 43AD to 409AD)
INHUMATION (Dated 43AD to 409AD)
CEMETERY (Dated 43AD to 409AD)
COFFIN (Dated 43AD to 409AD)
COFFIN (Dated 43AD to 409AD)
Period 43AD to 409AD Roman
Status Not Known
National Grid Reference Square: TL92NW
Ref: 930275
Finds LEAD COFFIN (Dated 43AD To 409AD)

WOOD COFFIN (Dated 43AD To 409AD)

BONE PIN (Dated 43AD To 409AD)

GLASS VESSEL (Dated 43AD To 409AD)


Events PART EXCAV by Davies, GMR,

FIELD OBS by Davies, GMR,

Sources <1> Desc Text : SMR (Priddy, DA) Dated : 1985

<2> Desc Text : Roman burials and a new villa site at Fordham (Davies, GMR) Vol 27, p44, copy in SMR Dated : 1984