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Monument Name Colchester - Crouched Friars Monastery
SMR Number 12425
Summary Site of the Crouched Friars Monastery.
None Available
Associated Media
None Available
Description Site of the Crouched Friars Monastery. an Augustinian house, founded 1235, originally a convent and hospital called Holy Cross. By 1392 it had become a secular hospital or free chapel. In 1496 Crouched Friars regained possession. Dissolved 1538. Located in 1928 when C14-C15 foundations and pottery were found during demolition of 44 Crouch Street. <1> A C13 foundation, somewhere off Crouch St, just to the SW of the walled town. Nothing is known of its buildings. <2> The house was founded by William de Lanvelli in 1235 and originally consisted of a convent of Augustinian Friars and a hospital called the Holy Cross. By 1342 it was a secular hospital or free chapel and in 1407 a fraternity of St Helen in the Chapel of Holy Cross was founded ehrn it became a lesser secular alms house. In 1496 the Crutched (Crouched) Friars regained possession. The site was located in 1928 (as mentioned above) during demolition prior to building a new garage. A headstone was still visible in the garage cellars in 1950 according to OS. <3> - <8> According to this source, the site of St Katherine's Hospital of the Crouched Friars. Nothing is known of its buildings, little of its history. Founded between 1224 and 1279. <9> The almshouses were converted to a workhouse in C18 and Morant refers to them as St Katherine's Hospital at `The Spittle'. <7>
Monument Type(s) ALMSHOUSE (Dated 1066AD to 1539AD)
HOSPITAL (Dated 1066AD to 1539AD)
CHAPEL (Dated 1066AD to 1539AD)
FRIARY (Dated 1066AD to 1539AD)
NUNNERY (Dated 1066AD to 1539AD)
BUILDING (Dated 1066AD to 1539AD)
Period 1066AD to 1539AD Medieval
Status Not Known
National Grid Reference Square: TL92SE
Ref: 991249
Finds POTTERY VESSEL (Dated 1066AD To 1539AD)

Events SURVEY by Persons unknown,

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