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Monument Name Stansted, Duckend car park site (DCS88)
SMR Number 14333
Summary The late Iron Age cremation cemetery continues through until the mid 2C AD.
Discovery of rich male burial at duckend carpark site
Discovery of rich male burial at duckend carpark site
Associated Media
None Available
Description The late Iron Age cremation cemetery continues through until the mid 2C AD. In association with DFS a total of 50 burials were excavated. The most prestigious burials consist of two dated to approximately 120 -140 AD. One contained a complete set of Samian and glass vessels and 5 bronze vessels, one in mint condition. The second burial contained glass and pottery but also a pair of sandals, a mirror and a decorated box. The area around both burials was void of other deposits. Occupation continued throughout the Roman period with a square of re-cut ditches forming enclosure close to DSS and a series of ditches further to the north. Two cobbled surfaces, similar to those on BIS were discovered although it was impossible to excavate them. Both produced metal detecting finds suggesting a late Roman date. <1> <2> Area = 3 Site Management: = Beneath car park Site Assessment = Roman cemetery consisting of at least 2 rich burials showing high class occupants. Clear area around burials may indicate original barrow. Enclosure suggests high concentration of activity in SW corner of site and may be paddocks for animals. Ditches indicate continual farming thru roman period.. Burial under excavation<3>
Monument Type(s) CREMATION (Dated 43AD to 409AD)
DITCH (Dated 43AD to 409AD)
ENCLOSURE (Dated 43AD to 409AD)
Monument Class(es) GLASS
Period 43AD to 409AD Roman
Status Not Known
National Grid Reference Square: TL52SW
Ref: 523222
Finds GLASS VESSEL (Dated 120AD To 140AD)

BRONZE VESSEL (Dated 120AD To 140AD)

Events Stansted, Duckend car park site (DCS88) by Havis, R

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<3> Photograph : working on rich burial (unknown) DCS88 Dated : 1988