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Monument Name Lawford Park
SMR Number 2710
Summary Round barrow in Lawford Park, excavated in 1812 when 2 urns were recovered..

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Description Round barrow in Lawford Park, excavated in 1812 when 2 urns were recovered. 4 ring-ditches to the south (see 2712), further ring-ditches to the SW (see TM03-062, 2765). <1> In 1957 described by OS as a bowl barrow profile now flattened, hollow in centre, in fair condition. <2> Other refs: <3> <4> Scheduled, 1984. <5> Still stands c3ft high, in a ploughed field. "It is one of the very few prehistoric burial mounds in Essex still upstanding". Still has signs of the 1812 excavation. On top of barrow some mature pine trees. <6> A contour survey was carried out in 2003, it noted that the mound had suffered considerable damage in the past. The survey recorded the current state of the mound and will act as a baseline for future monitoring and protection.<7> Geophysical survey of the area surrounding the Mount Park Round Barrow was carried out in 2003 to see whether there was any trace of a ditch system to determine the full extent of the barrow. Most of the ring ditch system had been ploughed out over time. In the lowest area of the field a sufficiently positive magnetic signal was found to enable an estimate of the diameter and location of the ring ditch. There was also some indication that there might have been a second, concentric, ditch. <8> Reccomendations for conservation of the round barrow were prepared by ECC. <8> Site Assessment = Barrows are scarce in Essex, Tendring District is below average in this respect. Site is close to SAM 175 (see TM03-014, 0002) where ring ditches appear on APs. "Perhaps this is part of a large Bronze Age burial area". <6>
Monument Type(s) ROUND BARROW (Dated 2000BC to 701BC)
Monument Class(es) EARTHWORK
Period 2000BC to 701BC Bronze Age
Status Scheduled Monument
Administration Area LAWFORD, TENDRING, ESSEX
National Grid Reference Square: TM03SE
Ref: 081318
Finds POTTERY VESSEL (Dated 2000BC To 701BC)

Events PART EXCAV by Persons unknown,

Contour survey of barrow by FAU

Mount Park Round Barrow

management recommendations for Mount Park round barrow, Lawford Hall

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