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SMR Number Monument Name Summary
  3638   Moor Hall gravel pit   Several shallow pits, a boundary ditch and unpotted cremations.  
  7268   Linear Features (not a Cursus) S of Gilden Way   The linear ‘cropmark’ features are more likely to be modern-day tracks.  
  9123   Adj. The Chequers, Market Street, Harlow   The earliest part phase of the site was a very weathered dark brown sandy loam, probably a buried soil, which overlay loamy gravel which in turn lay over the natural of a yellowish, brownish sand with iron panning, found at a depth of 1.0-1  
  9141   Perry Springs Wood (Tesco's Site Church Langley)   The inital fieldwalking identified a small cluster of worked flint.  
  14147   Possible flint working area, Gilden Way   Possible flint working area and possible settlement.  
  14149   Flint working area, Gilden way   Possible flint working area; the field yielded a high concentration of flint cores.<1>  
  14355   Church Langley - fieldwalking   A small cluster of about 15 worked flints.  
  14356   Church Langley - fieldwalking   Burnt flint scatter.  
  14357   Church Langley - fieldwalking   53g of Prehistoric pottery sherds.  
  14358   Church Langley - fieldwalking   Burnt flint scatter.  
  14359   Church Langley - fieldwalking   Cluster of burnt flint.  
  16786   Izzards Allotments, off London road   An archaeological evaluation of the Izzards allotment site identified archaeological remains over a large area, but with no substantial concentrations of archaeology in any specific area.  
  3578   Parndon   Quartzite hammerstone, seven arrowheads, small jadeite adze "good" scraper.  
  9129   Harlow area   Tanged chisel/leather working knife.  
  18392   New Hall Farm, Old Harlow   Finds from fieldwalking survey  
  46426   Prehistoric finds Princess Alexandra Hospital   An archaeological evaluation in advance of redevelopment of the site of Princess Alexandra Hospital recovered a small amount of Bronze Age/early Iron age finds and features.  
  46443   Prehistoric features, New Hall, Harlow   Prehistoric activity on the site is represented by five areas of archaeological features. <1>  
  18397   Passmores Museum, Harlow   Hand axe found during excavation under floor of a room in the south-western part of the building  
  47084   Archaeological Evaluation at Gilden Way, Harlow   Archaeological Evaluation at Gilden Way, Harlow