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SMR Number Monument Name Summary
  7069   Near Canvey/ Dutch village   Romano-British pipe-clay figurine of Venus from Canvey Island." In Southend Museum.  
  7074   Canvey Island   Trial trenches around the edge of a low mound proved it to be an intact Red Hill with overlying medieval occupation.  
  7103   Canvey Island - Ferndale Crescent   Pottery fragments from a red hill examined by Mr E Linder in 1937 include a base stamped CINTVGENI and part of one stamped MA....  
  7104   Castle Point - Blackmore Avenue   Roman cremation burial and red hill.  
  7105   Castle Point - Blackmore Avenue   Site of red hill examined by Mr E Linder.  
  7106   Canvey Island   A red hill to the south of two (0000, 0000) in Blackmore Avenue was examined by Southend Museum, 1956-8.  
  7107   Canvey Island   Coin hoard of Allectus and Carausius.  
  7108   Canvey Island - Elsinore Avenue, `Hildaville'   A coin of M. Aurelius... was found in 1953 in the garden of `Hildaville' and is in Southend Museum.  
  7117   Canvey Island - Burnett Avenue   A scatter of late medieval occupation was found during the bulldozing of a ramp for a new building on the south side of Burnett Avenue.  
  7123   Dutch Cottage (Canvey Road)   Early C17 octagonal timber framed cottage, now museum.  
  7124   6 Haven Road (Dutch Cottage)   Early C17 octagonal timber framed cottage.  
  7125   Tree Farm   Single-storied house with attics, timber-framed and weatherboarded, with thatched roofs.  
  7126   Canvey Island   Small iron age and Roman red hill excavated 1963-64 by the Wickford Archaeological Society.  
  7127   Canvey Island - Red Hill XII   Small Iron Age and Roman red hill excavated 1963-4 by the Wickford Archaeological Society.  
  7128   Canvey Island   Medieval settlement and midden mounds; late 12th to 15th cent., three hearth sites; outstanding collection of Med.  
  7129   Canvey Island - Red Hill XII   Roman cremations found and destroyed during surface topsoiling operations..  
  7153   Canvey Island - Northwick Farm   The farmhouse fell down during the Second World War.  
  7154   West of 'Northwick'   Traces of `STETCH' (?) ploughing ridges, approx.  
  7157   Near Dutch Sea Wall   Site of two buildings.  
  7158   Pantile Farm, Canvey Island   Site of Pantile.  
  7164   Canvey Island - Scarhouse   Possible moat, shown on 2nd Ed OS 25 inch, now gone.  
  7165   6 Pounder Coastal Artillery Battery - Scars Elbow Point, Canvey Island   This battery was constructed in 1940 to guard against forays by torpedo boats.  
  7174   Canvey Island - Denham Road   "In 1966 a `Red Hill' site was discovered during building operations on the western side of Denham Road".  
  7175   Canvey Island - Denham Road   Oyster Fleet was a fairly recent building but was almost certainly on a medieval site.  
  7176   Canvey Island - Denham Road   "Site of Oyster Fleet Farm.  
  7177   Canvey Island - Thorney Bay Road   In Spring 1967 a Roman burial group was found whilst digging a trench for a gas main in Thorney Bay Road (exact location uncertain).  
  7178   Canvey Island - close to sea wall at Thorney Bay.   In 1961 an amphora handle was found in disturbed soil close to the sea wall at Thorney Bay.  
  7179   Canvey Island - Thorney Bay   Extensive site disturbed by the sea.  
  7187   Canvey Island   Dutch Sea wall.  
  7188   West of Sport Centre   Roman bricks and poss. well. Site Assessment = More information needed.  
  7196   Upper Horse Island   A prominent rectangular embanked enclosure.  
  7197   Canvey Island   A low mound here may be a red hill.  
  7198   Canvey Island   Medieval sherds found on surface of possible red hill.  
  7199   Monkswick   Monkswick Moat.  
  7202   Canvey Island   Site of red hill. Traces of flint foundations.  
  7203   Canvey Island   Iron Age C pottery from Red Hill.  
  7204   Canvey Island   Roman pottery from red hill.  
  7205   Canvey Island   Med. and later pottery.  
  7206   Canvey Island   Medieval and later pottery.  
  7216   6-inch Coastal Artillery Battery, Deadman’s Point, Canvey Island   This battery was installed in World War I and used again in World War II.  
  7228   Canvey Island   Midden material from methane gas pipeline.  
  7229   Canvey Island   Pipeline for methane plant.  
  7233   Canvey Island   Red Hill.  
  7362   Canvey Island - Dutch Sea Wall   Course of the Dutch sea wall, deduced from a `Plan within the Walls' of 1793.  
  8480   Canvey Island   Human remains, one individual, scattered over distance of 50 feet.  
  8481   Western Esplanade shore line   Late C18/early C19 cast Indian coin found 7/7/1978, in fill for car park (Labworth) near Waters edge, Canvey.  
  8482   Canvey Island   Mid-late Acheulian hand-axe, reported 31/10/81.  
  8893   GHQ Line Anti-Tank Ditch   Second World War tank trap  
  9515   Canvey Island   Reginus of Rheinzabern.  
  9572   Canvey Island - May Avenue   Red Hill.  
  9573   Canvey Island - May Avenue   Red hill.  
  9574   Canvey Island   Red hill.  
  9607   Canvey Island   29 Roman urns reported from here.  
  9651   Canvey Island Point   Red hill.  
  9652   Canvey Island Point   Bronze Roman coin, of Domitian, AD 86.  
  9653   Canvey Island Point   Roman material found in 1979 and earlier by Mr F Grimwood.  
  9654   Canvey Island - Fisherwick Road?   Romano-British burial group including a large cinerary urn and flagon and a small unguent pot.  
  9655   Canvey Island - May Avenue   According to VCH (1903) all the Canvey Island red hills have produced Iron Age `C' pottery.  
  9656   Canvey Island - May Avenue   Red hill in May Avenue reported by Mr Linder.  
  9657   Canvey Island - May Avenue   Stratification of red hill noted, 1958.  
  9658   Castle Point - Leigh Beck   Red hill found by Mr E Linder.  
  9659   Canvey Island - Leigh Beck; Hullbridge Survey : Thames site   Red hill reported by Mr Linder.  
  9660   Canvey Island - Leigh Beck   Late Roman settlement.  
  9661   Canvey Island - Leigh Beck   Over 200 small sherds of Roman pottery (mid C1-mid C3/C4).  
  9662   Canvey Island - Leigh Beck; Hullbridge Survey Thames site 1   Site of Red hill.  
  9663   Canvey Island - Leigh Beck   Pottery found by Mrs Traveller, 1982.  
  9664   Canvey Island - Leigh Beck   Complete rim and side of mortarium with potters mark seen on photograph of material dug out by amateur near site investigated by ECC Archaeology Section (see ).  
  9665   Canvey Island - Leigh Beck   Cremation group found in 1978 - 5 vessels, 1 single-handled ring-necked flagon, 1 samian.  
  9666   Canvey Island - Leigh Beck   Samian ware.  
  9667   Canvey Island - Leigh Beck   "Romano-British midden including Samian f37 (Drusus?) found at Leigh Beck 1960.  
  9668   Canvey Island - Leigh Beck   Romano-British midden found in 1960 (see 9667).  
  9669   Canvey Island - Leigh Beck   Romano-British midden found in 1960 (see 9667).  
  9683   Canvey Island - Leigh Beck Point to Canvey Point   Pottery has often been washed out of the mud near these points at the eastern end of Canvey Island (see sources 2-4 for earlier finds).  
  9753   Leigh Beck School Grounds   Greek coin found in 1973.  
  9800   Dutch sea wall, Canvey Island   Course of the Dutch sea wall, deduced from a plan within the walls of 1973 <1><2> Agreement for the reclamation of all the flooded parts of the island dated 9th April 1622, between sir Henry Appleton of South Benfleet, plus the other lando  
  13819   Canvey Island - Leigh Beck   Sceat, possibly BMC 30 var.  
  13820   Canvey Island - Leigh Beck   Two sceattas; only one of these was in a condition allowing identification as BMC type 20.  
  13821   Canvey Island - Leigh Beck   Castle Point Archaeological Group have recovered some Saxon material from the area during the period 1987-93.  
  14731   Earthworks around Brick House Farm   A number of small earthwork features appearing on vertical aerial photography from 1950 and 1951.  
  14732   Anti-glider ditches W of the sports centre   World War II anti-glider ditches appearing as earthworks on RAf vertical photography.  
  14733   Anti-glider ditches E of Winter Gardens   World War II anti-glider ditches appearing as earthworks on RAF photography..  
  14734   WWII HAA Gun Site "TN7 Furtherwick", N of Long Road, Canvey Island   WWII HAA Gun Site.  
  14735   WWII HAA Gun Site "TN8 Northwick", W Canvey Island   World War II anti-aircraft battery also known as Anti-aircraft battery W of Monkswick  
  14738   Remains of 2 ships at Smallgains Creek   Much eroded remains of two ships, presumably wooden, appearing on vertical photography.  
  27481   The Lobster Smack Public House   C17 or later timber framed public house.  
  27482   1, 1A, and 2 to 8 Haven Road   Late C19 row of timber framed coastguard cottages.  
  18281   Benfleet Creek   Linear features, probably former sea-walls or reclamaition walls.  
  18282   Waterside Cottages   Cuts through salt-marsh  
  18283   Waterside cottages   Aircraft obstruction ditches.  
  18284   East of East Haven Creek   Bomb crater  
  18285   East of East Haven Creek   Linear feature, probable reclamation wall  
  18286   East Haven Creek   A line of variously shaped enclosures, probably WWII, maybe searchlight battery  
  18287   East of East Haven Creek   Bomb crater  
  39296   Labworth Cafe   Early C20 cafe in style of International Modern Movement by Ove Arup, Christiani and Nielson.  
  17602   Castle Point   29 Roman urns - possible duplicate of TQ88SW02.  
  15132   Occidental Oil Refinery, Canvey Island   Late 1960s oil refinery site, now retail park.  
  19415   Pottery sherds, Thorney Bay, Canvey Island   Pottery sherds recovered from foreshore, Roman and later.  
  19651   Collection of Small Finds by Geoff & Norma Lewin   Unprovenced finds collected in Canvey, no details of dates found only object description. NGR is approx centre of Canvey.  
  19652   Thorney Bay Road, Canvey Island   Negative Watching Brief and Evaluation  
  19072   A130 Canvey Road Dualling - Watching Brief   This scheme involved ground disturbance only during drain construction  
  19654   Romano British Pottery Sherds   Precise location of findspot unknown  
  19655   Lead Mirror Case & Medieval / Post Medieval Coins   Exact location of finds unknown  
  10797   Anti-tank Obstacles (destroyed), South Side of Benfleet Creek, Canvey Island   A line of anti-tank blocks across the causeway  
  10798   Pillbox, W of Haven Road, Canvey Island   A type FW3/26 square pillbox.  
  10799   Pillbox (destroyed), sea wall, Holehaven Creek, Canvey Island   a double-ended octagonal pillbox bisecting the sea wal.  
  10800   Pillbox/AA Machine Gun position (destroyed), sea wall, Holehaven Point   Possibly an anti-aircraft machine gun position or part of a pillbox.  
  10801   Pillbox (destroyed), sea wall, Canvey Island   An elongated, through the sea wall, pillbox  
  10802   AA Machine Gun position (destroyed), sea wall, Canvey Island   Possibly an anti-aircraft machine gun position.  
  10803   Pillbox (destroyed), sea wall, Canvey Island   An elongated, through the sea wall, pillbox  
  10804   Pillbox/AA Machine gun position (destroyed), sea wall, W Canvey Island   Pillboxes on the seaward side of the sea wall connected to a small, square, enclosure.  
  10805   Pillbox/AA Machine Gun position, (destroyed), sea wall, W Canvey Island   A pillbox on the seaward side of the sea wall.  
  10806   Pillbox (destroyed), sea wall, W Canvey Island   A pillbox-shaped recess in the top of the sea wall – like a look-out position.  
  10807   Pillbox (destroyed), S of Thorney Bay Road, Canvey Island   A type FW3/26 pillbox.  
  10808   Pillbox (destroyed), S of Mayland Avenue, Canvey Island   A type FW3/26 pillbox.  
  10809   Pillbox (destroyed), Thorney Bay, Canvey Island   A square pillbox with its entrance on the NW corner.  
  10810   Pillbox (destroyed), sea wall, Western Esplanade, Canvey Island   A sea wall structure – probably a pillbox – on the point E of Thorney Bay  
  10811   Pillbox (destroyed), sea wall, Eastern Esplanade/Marine Parade, Canvey Island   A through-the-sea-wall structure – probably a pillbox.  
  10812   Two Pillboxes (destroyed), sea wall, SE point of Canvey Island   Two pillboxes – one inside and one outside the sea wall.  
  10813   Pillbox /A.A. M-Gun position (destroyed) sea wall, E. Canvey Island   A pillbox on the seaward side of the seawall.  
  40394   Gas Works, Scar House Farm, Sluice Farm and Holehaven Farm, Canvey   Mid C20 gas works  
  19965   Canvey Island - possible Celtic Harbour?   Assorted pieces of scrap metal, worked stones and pebbles.  
  19073   The Wilderness, Champlain Avenue/Budna Road, Canvey Island   Watching Brief in 1988 revealed no finds or features  
  45009   Canvey, Greater Thames Estuary Survey   Single row of rounded wooden pilings  
  45018   Canvey, Greater Thames Estuary Survey   Wrecked boat  
  45019   Canvey, Greater Thames Estuary Survey   Wrecked boat  
  45026   Canvey, Greater Thames Estuary Survey   Earthwork, probably associated with Tree Farm  
  45793   Cattle-pen, West Canvey Marsh   Site of post-medieval cattle-pen  
  45794   Cottages and sheep-fold, Waterside Farm   Site of sheep-fold and cottage on 1875 map  
  45795   Cattle-pen, Waterside Farm   Site of post-medieval cattle-pen  
  45796   Pantile Cottage   Site of Post-medieval Pantile Cottage  
  45798   Little Brickhouse   Farm shown on 1777 map  
  45799   Roundhouse, Sluice Farm   Site of a building called Roundhouse on 1875 map  
  21084   Pillbox (destroyed), sea wall, NE Canvey Island   Pillbox (destroyed)  
  46702   Cold War Nuclear Monitoring Post, Canvey Island   A Cold War Nuclear monitoring post  
  46886   Canvey Island - South of Kings Road   1m high mound may be a possible red hill.  
  47143   Croppenburg, Canvey Island   Tests pits and augering in advance of a new pipeline and pumping station.  
  47205   Canvey Marshes Ancient Landscape   Designated Ancient Landscape by ECC 19/5/1992.  
  47248   Archaeological Fieldwork at the Cornelius Vermuyden School   An evaluation revealed three undated features and a post-medieval ditch.  
  47701   Land adjacent to 1-3 Eastern Esplanade, Canvey Island   Development monitored did not reveal any archaeological finds or features.  
  47944   Roscommon Way Extension Phase 1   There were no archaeological features or artefacts in the trenches.  
  47996   EEDA Site, Canvey Island   The EEDA propose to utlise the site as a wildlife reserve and an employment area.  
  47997   Land South of Northwick Road, Canvey Island   An evaluation of initial works prior to constructing a cemetery.