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  Ready Searches
Ready Made Searches

Ready Searches
We have put together some 'ready made' searches so you can find the most interesting monuments in Essex at the click of a button!
Castles in Essex 
From the possibly pre-conquest mound at Clavering, to the impressive Norman keep of Castle Hedingham, Essex has a number of fascinating castle sites.
Roman Villas in Essex  
The archetype of Roman rural living, the villa was the centre of a great estate. See what evidence there is for these great houses in Essex.
Swords from Essex 
Often both a weapon and a symbol of status and importance, but a rare find for archaeologists, see what evidence there is for swords in Essex.
Religious Houses in Essex 
Take a look at the wealth of abbeys, priories and other religious foundations who found a home in Essex before the dissolution of the monasteries in 1539.
Saxon Maldon 
Maldon has a rich Saxon history, including the site of the famous Battle of Maldon in 991 AD, which was commemorated in a Saxon epic poem.
Roman Harlow 
Step back through Harlow’s history to see what the area held in Roman times, including the important temple site.
Medieval Braintree 
Braintree, like many others in Essex, was a medieval market town. See how that history is reflected in the archaeology of the town.
Palaeolithic Handaxes from Essex 
Much of our evidence for these early times comes from the stone tools that we find. Have a look at the evidence for one type of tool from Essex.
Late Prehistoric burials from Essex 
Take a peek at the burial practices of the people of Essex from the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages, and see how these changed over time.